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 Words are a lens to focus one's mind.

Ayn Rand

 Starship Being Light

Selections 1976-1981

Monart Pon

©Copyright 1981, 2001 Monart Pon

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To Be ... To Become

To be ...
to find to fix
to give to get
to will to do
to see to know
to make to feel...

To become ...
to laugh to cry
to sing to moan
to shout to sigh
to smile to frown
to awe to fear
to bear to kill
to grow to shrink
to win to lose
to love to hate
to live to die
to go to stop
to rise to fall
to be to be not
to become to begone
To be Light to be Night...

To Be Come More

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Love Making Light Being Felt

Loving the Feeling
of Making the Doing
of Knowing the Seeing
of Being Becoming
the Beauty of Truth in
Being the Light.


Seeing Willing Knowing
Doing Making Feeling
Loving Becoming Light

Human Being Becoming Heroic

The Light of Being

Knowing and Seeing
Knowing and Feeling
Knowing and Making

The Being of Light

Making and Knowing
Making and Doing
Making and Being

Heroic Becoming Being Human

Feeling the Making of Knowing Being
Becoming the Knowing of Making Feeling

Being free to know truth
Being rational to do good
Being joyous to love beauty

Being the Light

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Philosophy of Enlightenment

The Love of Truth and the Being of Light

Knowing of Truth
Doing of Goodness
Making of Beauty

Knowing of Truth
Being of Being
Knowing of Being
Feeling of Being

Doing of Goodness
Being of Knowing
Knowing of Doing
Feeling of Making

Making of Beauty
Being of Doing
Knowing of Making
Feeling of Becoming

Being of Light
Feeling of Beauty
Loving of Truth
Being the Light

Starship Love Making Light Being Felt

Starship Aurora Dawn by Mischa


Deep in the darkness of space
hidden from the hours of time
was born a brilliant ball of laughing light.
The ball became a point in the sky,
a light in the dark,
a star for eternity.

Golden Dawn
New Light
Next Day

Arising out of Dream
Being up with Morning
Bringing Winds of Change
Aurora Starship Aurora

Watch for the new
Know what is true
Make how to do


I woke up this Morning
I met the Golden Dawn
I saw the Pure Light
I did the New Thing
I felt the Next Day
I grew Up

I feel you around me
moving with me
coming with me
loving with me
being with me
becoming We

Being Light
Making Love

Willing in
loving the feeling
of making the beauty
of truth in being
the light of becoming


Night, Be Light

To see yet not to know
To know yet not to make
To make yet not to feel
To feel yet not be real
Is really not to be.

Hope grows from deed, not need.
If you don't do the deed,
you're hopeless and in need.

Make it, don't fake it.

Honesty is being true to reality.
Justice is being good to truth.
Courage is being real to beauty.

Achievement is beauty made from truth.
Joy is love made from being real good.

Justice measures the wealth of creation
and mirrors the void of destruction
guarding the freedom
to discover truth
create beauty
exchange joy
bring light.

Night, be Light

Forgive yourself:
For Change
Give Chance

It's harder than you think,
but easier than you feel,
and easier when you do think

Think clearly to feel deeply.
Feel deeply to think clearly.

There are things that can only be thought about,
things that can only be talked about,
and things that can only be written about, but
there are things that can only be done.

Allow fear to be found and felt, but not loved.

Be informed to perform and transform.

Be Night or Be Light
Drift on in darkness
or light up your life

Life is cosmos out of chaos, movement aimed at itself.

To live, be true, all through

Night, be Light

Be Starship

Starship Aurora 3D by Mischa


The infinity of ideals made finite and real

Aim of Will
Action of Mind
Achievement of Body

Dignified Honor of Truth
Concentrated Power of Goodness
Radiated Glory of Beauty

The infinite all of glory
in one finite shape
in one integrated body
in one unified soul
in one clear word
in one shining love
in one temple
in One


the art of making the feeling of seeing the beauty of truth in being the light

the identification, integration, and concretization
of the purpose, process, and product
of human life growing at home in the universe

Starship gives

finitude to the infinity of ideals
shape to the formlessness of dreams
singularity to the plurality of values
unity to the multiplicity of desires
concreteness to the abstractness of thought
direction to the randomness of movement
fortitude to the hardships of life
certainty to the chances of victory

Starship points to the endlessness of the sky
and lights up the darkness of space.

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Point in the Sky, Light in the Dark
Radiator of Energy, Source of Life
Goal of Action, Purpose of Being
Reward of Courage, Shine of Love
Quest for Eternity, Flight to Freedom
Medal of Honor
Badge of Power
Halo of Glory


State of Being
Quality of Action
Flow of Movement
Position of Life
Vessel of Value
Art of Making
Home for Happiness


Ship of Having Worth
State of Making Value
Way of Facing Truth
Quality of Showing Beauty
Act of Giving Love
Ceremony Bringing Joy
Being Becoming Light

Starship Being of Worth

Starship Being Light

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© Copyright 2001-2002 Starship Aurora

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