Concerto of Deliverance

The Lyrics, by Blake Parker

Magic Child | Name of the Enemy | High Stone Wall | Spirit of Light | Telepathic Animals | Wolfskin on the Fire | You'll Find Me

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Magic Child

Oh to be a little child
& slip into a magic room
pretend that you‘re bewitched
& in love with (a) crazy moon.

Oh to be a child again
& ride on a magic wind
wake up in the morning
& not know where you've been.

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Name of the Enemy

I looked inside my heart hoping to find the heavenly
but all I ever found was the name of the enemy.

I've got a technological soul & animal bones
I got numbers for software & eyes like stones.

I got plastic & flesh. I got bone & I got steel
I got a medicine that kills & a poison that can heal.

I need the right kind of information, you know the kind;
that's what I want & that's what I'm gonna find.

The moon is on the hillside & the wolf calls my name
& I know that I'm the only one, the only one to blame.

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High Stone Wall

In the heart of the shining forest
there was a little house made of stone.
Behind the little stone house
lay the whitened bones of a deer.
A pale moon shone through the forest,
& shadows flitted about like they were alive.
Inside the little house, an old woman
waited for her visitor to arrive.
The sharp sound of an animal cry
then a light rain began to fall,
the tangled forest opened up
& the young man scaled the high stone wall.

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Spirit of Light

I am the spirit of deliverance
I make my home in the morning sun
I am the one you've dreamed of,
I am that one.

They call me the Lady Sorrow.
They call me the Lady in White.
They call me the Witch of the Morning.
They call me the Spirit of Light.

Come cry upon my shoulder
till you've emptied all your sorrow
then slip my ring upon your finger
that's yours to keep until tomorrow.

Spirit of Deliverance
Home of the morning sun.
Spirit of Deliverance, home of the morning sun
I'll be here waiting when the day is done.

I have lived one thousand years
& I've lived in a thousand places
I'm always right here waiting
for the lost to show their faces.

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Telepathic Animals

Telepathic Animals slip down their secret paths
they got here first & they'll be leaving last.

Telepathic Animals glide through the heavy air
slip into your dreaming mind, get tangled in your hair.

Telepathic animals go crying down the wind.
When the wolf-man knocks don't let him in.

Telepathic animals slip down a trail of blood.
They sing in the forest, leave tracks in the yellow mud.

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Wolfskin on the Fire

Throw the wolf skin on the fire
let the flames burn high
let the dark smoke drift
across the Western moonlit sky.

I’ve taken what I have been given
& I have made it new.
I’m not made in the eyes of others
I am who I am. Myself not you.

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You'll Find Me

You'll find me on the mountain, find me at the sea,
Find me at the crossroads crawling on my knees.
You'll find me in the big sky, find me underground,
Find me at the circus riding round and round.
You'll find me in the countryside, find me in the town.
You'll find me at the celebration wearing a tinsel crown.

Suddenly you’re standing in the light
All your wor-ries va-nish with the night.

See me riding in a big car or walking all alone,
Sometime I'll be flying like a bird on my way back home.
You'll see me in the clouds, you'll see me in the river's flow,
See me in the rain & you'll see me in the snow.
You'll find me with the living, you'll find me with the dead.
You'll find me in your heart, you'll find me in your head.

Suddenly you’re standing in the light . . .

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Concerto of Deliverance
Composer: John Mills-Cockell
Executive Producer: Monart Pon
*Sunburst Music. All Rights Reserved. Copyright © 2004 Modern Sounds Publishing (SOCAN)